100-Word Stories, Twitter Prompts


Alice sits before the oven, a tea towel clutched in her hands, her eyes glued to the cake tin. “Please don’t burn…”
“A watched cake never bakes.” Sven chuckles.
Alice gasps and fumbles for her notebook. “The recipe didn’t mention glowing symbols!”
“Funny.” Sven frowns as Alice rushes out. “What are you—”
Otherworldly voices waft out of the oven. “N’lweyet kara’he—”
“What the hell!” Sven grabs a chair.
Fire extinguisher in hand, Alice elbows him aside, kicks open the oven and sprays the cake.
The voices stop.
“How… how did you know to do that?” Sven stammers.
Alice shrugs. “Habit.”

Original prompt: “The recipe didn’t mention this!” by Matt


“Morning buttercup!”
Your breath trembles. Your sweaty hand squeezes the screwdriver.
Don’t move your foot. Not yet. The manacle you’ve weakened could betray you.
“I made your favourite.” He approaches with the tray.
Close enough.
You punch the tray upward. Coffee spills onto his face. He screams. You bury the screwdriver in his thigh.
You run.
Out of the damned house, onto the street.
You slip on the ice, wave at the oncoming car. It slips on the ice, too.
Not quite freedom, but no more pain at least.
You awaken in a hospital, memory blank.
“Morning buttercup!” He smiles.

Original prompt: “You awaken in a hospital bed. You remember nothing. A face smiles down at you and it seems to know you.” by @jess_McPants.


Eloise’s hands shook as she applied her makeup. “I’m a horrible girlfriend,” she whispered to herself, throwing the brush back in her bag.
She forced herself to smile and joined Jonas in the living room.
“What’s wrong?” He asked.
She almost said “nothing”. Past her would have.
Be supportive. Never a burden.
“I don’t think…” she sighed. “I can’t handle a room of strangers tonight.” She steeled herself for the argument.
He shrugged. “Ramen and Labyrinth?”
She dove into his arms, her relief bursting like fireworks. “Is this what it’s meant to feel like?”
He kissed her forehead. “What?”

Original prompt: “Is this what it’s meant to feel like?” by @ohyoufox


“We’re sharing my chair.”
“Have you lost your mind? You won it. You’re the b—”
“Shush…” A dismissive wave. “Their trial doesn’t measure who’s the best.”
Nervous tremors. “You can’t… I don’t…”
“You told me how to make it through.” A steadying touch.
“But you weren’t afraid to act.”
“Is that the only relevant skill?” A chuckle. “Be less afraid?”
“Don’t question your worth! You can do this.”
“Of course, I can. But I shouldn’t.”
A pause. “They won’t allow it.”
“They tested for someone with the courage of their convictions. They found her.” A smile. “We’re sharing my chair.”

Original prompt: “She didn’t win because she was better, but because she was less afraid.” by @Ellalowgren


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