PAX Australia Puppet Show Script

Opening of Sockette, Interrupted

David uses a “movie trailer” voice for the narration in this section, unless stated otherwise.

DAVID: Previously on Game Development Explained with Sock Puppets… In the wake of Tiny Angry Flappy Bird…

Audience prompt sign: *gasp*

SAM: We don’t talk about that.

DAVID:  The team found inspiration…

EMILIE: Two dust bunnies surviving the vacuum cleaner through the power of friendship. Make some noise for Tales of the Dust Bunnies!

Wait for audience reaction.

DAVID: They developed a prototype…

Audience prompt sign: “Is it fun yet?”

EMILIE, shrugs: Meh… The sound effects are fart noises.

DAVID: And they got funding.

The sock puppets celebrate.

DAVID: Today, we take a closer look at the game designer’s work. Today, we glance inside Amy’s head.

Puppeteer pulls Amy off of her hand. The puppets freak out and run for their lives.

David and Emilie scream in horror.

DAVID, normal voice, looking like he’s about to faint: Oh, that’s gross…

EMILIE, retching: You skinned her alive! What’s wrong with you?

DAVID, traumatized: It was a metaphor. Just a metaphor.

Audience prompt sign: Dun dun dunnn

The curtains close.